Backing Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings: समर्थन, सहायता, आधार, सहारा

Part of Speech of Backing:

Backing is a noun.

Pronunciation of Backing:


Backing Synonyms:

1. Support – समर्थन, सहायता

2. Assistance – सहायता

3. Foundation – आधार

4. Aid – सहायता

5. Help – सहायता

6. Sponsorship – प्रायोजन

Description and Origination of Backing:

Backing refers to the act of providing support, assistance, or sponsorship to someone or something. It is the foundation or basis upon which something relies or depends. In Nepali, it is commonly understood as समर्थन, सहायता, आधार, or सहारा.


1. Opposition – विरोध

2. Resistance – प्रतिरोध

3. Hindrance – बाधा

4. Obstruction – अवरोध

5. Disapproval – अस्वीकृति

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