Backer Meaning in Nepali: ब्याकर (byākara), समर्थक (samarthaka), सहायक (sahāyaka)

Nearby Words:

  • Nepali: समर्थन (samarthana), सहायता (sahāyatā), सहयोग (sahayoga)
  • Parts of Speech: Noun, Verb



Backer Synonyms:

  • Supporter – समर्थक (samarthaka)
  • Patron – पालनहार (pālanahāra)
  • Advocate – अभिमानी (abhimānī)
  • Sponsor – प्रायोजक (prāyojaka)
  • Financier – आर्थिक सहायक (ārthika sahāyaka)
  • Investor – लगानीकर्ता (lagānikartā)

Description and Origination of Backer:

A backer is someone who supports or assists a person, group, or cause. In Nepali, a backer is referred to as “ब्याकर” (byākara), “समर्थक” (samarthaka), or “सहायक” (sahāyaka). Backers can provide financial support, advocacy, or sponsorship to help achieve a goal or bring an idea to fruition. They play a crucial role in various fields such as business, sports, arts, and philanthropy. The term “backer” originated from the verb “back,” which means to support or endorse. Backers can be individuals, organizations, or even governments, depending on the context.


  • Opponent – विरोधी (virodhī)
  • Adversary – प्रतिद्वंद्वी (pratidvandvī)
  • Enemy – शत्रु (śatru)
  • Critic – समीक्षक (samīkṣaka)
  • Detractor – अपमानकर्ता (apamānakartā)

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