backed up

Backed Up Meaning in Nepali

Meaning in Nepali:

नेपालीमा अर्थ (nepalima artha), समर्थन गरिएको (samarthan gariyeko), समर्थन गरिएको अर्थ (samarthan gariyeko artha)

Nearby Words:

  • Back (noun) – पछाडि (pachhadi)
  • Back (verb) – पछाडि जानु (pachhadi janu)
  • Backbone (noun) – मुख्य आधार (mukhya aadhar)
  • Backfire (verb) – पछाडि फर्कनु (pachhadi farknu)
  • Backpack (noun) – पछाडि झोला (pachhadi jhola)

Part of Speech: Verb

Pronunciation: (bakd uhp)


  • Support (English) – समर्थन (samarthan)
  • Endorse (English) – पुष्टि गर्नु (pushti garnu)
  • Uphold (English) – पक्ष लिनु (paksha linu)
  • Validate (English) – मान्यता दिनु (manyata dinu)
  • Confirm (English) – पुष्टि गर्नु (pushti garnu)
  • Backstop (English) – पछाडि रोक्नु (pachhadi roknu)

Description and Origination:

Backed up refers to the act of providing support or endorsement to someone or something. It is a verb that signifies the action of standing behind or confirming a person, idea, or action. This term originated from the concept of physically supporting someone from the back, symbolizing solidarity and reinforcement. In modern usage, it has expanded to include various forms of support, such as endorsing a decision, providing assistance, or validating a claim.


  • Oppose (English) – विरोध गर्नु (virodh garnu)
  • Reject (English) – अस्वीकार गर्नु (asvikar garnu)
  • Deny (English) – अस्वीकार गर्नु (asvikar garnu)
  • Disapprove (English) – मान्यता नदिनु (manyata nadinu)
  • Contradict (English) – विरोध गर्नु (virodh garnu)

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