Backchat Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings:

बाँकी बात, बाँकी बात गर्ने, बाँकी बात गर्ने क्रिया

Nearby Words:

  • Noun: Backdrop (पृष्ठभूमि), Backfire (वापसी आगो), Backlash (पछाडी लगाउनु), Backlog (बाँकी काम), Backslide (पछाडि जानु)
  • Verb: Backtrack (पछाडि फर्कनु), Backpedal (पछाडि फर्कनु), Backstab (पछाडि छुरा घुसाउनु), Backwash (पछाडि आगो), Backdate (पछाडि मिति लगाउनु)

Part of Speech: Backchat is a noun.

Pronunciation: (bak-chat)

Backchat Synonyms:

  • Sass (चुटकुला)
  • Impudence (असंगतता)
  • Insolence (असंगतता)
  • Backtalk (बाँकी बात)
  • Cheekiness (चुटकुला)
  • Disrespect (असंगतता)

Description and Origination of Backchat:

Backchat refers to the act of responding to someone in a cheeky or impudent manner, often with witty or sarcastic remarks. It is a form of verbal defiance or insolence. The term originated in the early 19th century, combining the words “back” and “chat” to describe the act of talking back or responding in a disrespectful manner. Backchat is commonly used in informal conversations and can be seen as a form of rebellion or defiance against authority.


Respect (आदर), Obedience (आज्ञाकारिता), Politeness (शिष्टाचार), Courtesy (शिष्टाचार), Compliance (आज्ञाकारिता)

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