back space key

Back Space Key Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings:

पछाडि ठेगाना कुञ्जी, पछाडि ठेगाना बटन

Nearby Words:

Noun: कुञ्जी (key), ठेगाना (button)

Adjective: पछाडि (back), ठेगाना (button)

Part of Speech: Noun

Pronunciation: [bak speys kee]

Synonyms of Back Space Key:

1. Delete Key – हटाउनु कुञ्जी

2. Erase Key – मेटाउनु कुञ्जी

3. Clear Key – स्पष्ट गर्नु कुञ्जी

4. Undo Key – पूर्ववत कुञ्जी

5. Remove Key – हटाउनु कुञ्जी

6. Correction Key – सुधार कुञ्जी

Description and Origination:

The back space key, also known as the delete key, is a button on a keyboard that allows users to erase or remove characters or text to the left of the cursor. It is primarily used to correct typing errors or delete unwanted content. The back space key originated with the invention of typewriters and has since become a standard feature on computer keyboards. It provides a convenient way to edit and modify text quickly and efficiently.


1. Insert Key – ढुङ्गाउनु कुञ्जी

2. Add Key – थप्नु कुञ्जी

3. Append Key – थप्नु कुञ्जी

4. Paste Key – चिप्लाउनु कुञ्जी

5. Copy Key – प्रतिलिपि गर्नु कुञ्जी

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