Azimuthal Meaning in Nepali

नेपालीमा अजिमुथलको अर्थ

1. अजिमुथलको अर्थ – दिशामुखी, दिशामुखीय, दिशामुखीयको

2. अजिमुथलको अर्थ – दिशामुखीय, दिशामुखीयको, दिशामुखीयता

3. अजिमुथलको अर्थ – दिशामुखी, दिशामुखीय, दिशामुखीयको

Nearby Words

1. Azimuth (noun) – दिशा, दिशामुख, दिशामुखी

2. Azimuthally (adverb) – दिशामुखीय रूपमा

3. Azimuths (noun) – दिशामुख, दिशामुखी

Part of Speech

Azimuthal is an adjective.



Azimuthal Synonyms

1. Directional – दिशामुखी

2. Orientational – दिशामुखी

3. Radial – दिशामुखी

4. Tangential – दिशामुखी

5. Angular – कोणीय

Description and Origination

Azimuthal refers to something related to or measured in azimuths. It is commonly used in the field of geography and navigation. The term originates from the word “azimuth,” which refers to the horizontal angle or direction of a celestial object from the observer’s position. In Nepali, “azimuthal” can be translated as “दिशामुखीय” or “दिशामुखीयको.” It is an adjective that describes the directional or orientational aspect of something.


1. Non-directional – अदिशामुखी

2. Random – अनियमित

3. Disoriented – अदिशामुखी

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