Azimuth Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings: अजिमुथ, दिशांश, दिशांक, दिशांशको अंश, दिशांशको दूरी

Part of Speech of Azimuth:

Azimuth is a noun.

Pronunciation of Azimuth:


Azimuth Synonyms:

1. Direction – दिशा

2. Bearing – दिशा

3. Orientation – दिशा

4. Course – दिशा

5. Heading – दिशा

6. Angle – कोण

Description and Origination of Azimuth:

Azimuth is a term used in navigation and astronomy to refer to the horizontal angle measured clockwise from a reference direction, usually the north or south point, to a point of interest. It helps determine the direction or bearing of an object or celestial body. The word “azimuth” originated from the Arabic word “as-sumūt,” meaning “the ways” or “the directions.” It has been widely used in various fields to calculate and navigate positions.

Azimuth Antonyms:

1. Elevation – उच्चता

2. Altitude – उच्चता

3. Inclination – झुकाव

4. Declination – झुकाव

5. Slope – ढल

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