Azalea Meaning in Nepali

Azalea is a beautiful flower that holds significant meanings in Nepali culture. In Nepali, the meanings of azalea include:

  • अजलिया (ajaliya) – feminine noun
  • अजलिया फूल (ajaliya phool) – masculine noun
  • अजलिया गुच्छ (ajaliya guchha) – masculine noun
  • अजलिया बाग (ajaliya bag) – masculine noun

Part of Speech of Azalea: Noun

Pronunciation of Azalea: (əˈzeɪliə)

Azalea Synonyms:

  • Flower – फूल (phool)
  • Blossom – खिल्ली (khilli)
  • Bloom – खिल्ली (khilli)
  • Flora – फुलबारी (phulbari)
  • Plant – बिरुवा (biruwa)
  • Shrub – गुच्छ (guchha)

Azalea is a stunning flower that symbolizes femininity, beauty, and grace. It originated in Asia and is widely cultivated for its vibrant colors and delicate petals. To explore more about azalea, you can visit the following links:


  • Wither – सुक्नु (suknu)
  • Decay – बिरामी (birami)
  • Dry – सुक्नु (suknu)
  • Fade – फिक्नु (phiknu)
  • Wilting – बिरामी (birami)
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