Axil Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings: अक्सिल, अक्सिलको अर्थ

Nearby Words:

Noun: अक्सिल, अक्सिलको अर्थ

Adjective: अक्सिल, अक्सिलको अर्थ

Verb: अक्सिल, अक्सिलको अर्थ

Part of Speech of Axil:


Pronunciation of Axil:


Axil Synonyms:

1. Armpit – बगली

2. Angle – कोण

3. Joint – जोड

4. Elbow – कोही

5. Corner – कोना

6. Bend – मोड

Description and Origination of Axil:

Axil refers to the angle between a leaf stalk and the stem or branch from which it grows. It is the point where the leaf or branch emerges from the stem. The term “axil” originated from the Latin word “axilla,” meaning “armpit.” In botany, the axil is an important anatomical feature as it is the site where buds, flowers, or new branches may develop. Understanding the axil helps in identifying the growth pattern and structure of plants.


1. Apex – शिर

2. Summit – शिखर

3. Peak – चोटी

4. Top – माथि

5. Vertex – शिर

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