Axed Meaning in Nepali

Axed is an English word that has several meanings in Nepali. Here are a few Nepali meanings of the word:

Nepali Meanings:

  • काटिएको (kāṭieko) – past participle of काट्नु (kāṭnu), meaning “cut”
  • छेडिएको (chedieko) – past participle of छेड्नु (chednu), meaning “tease”
  • बन्द गरिएको (banda garieko) – past participle of बन्द गर्नु (banda garnu), meaning “close down”

Part of Speech: Axed is a verb.

Pronunciation: (ækst)


  • Chopped (काटिएको, kāṭieko)
  • Severed (छेडिएको, chedieko)
  • Closed (बन्द गरिएको, banda garieko)
  • Terminated (समाप्त गरिएको, samāpta garieko)
  • Dismissed (निष्कासित गरिएको, niṣkāsit garieko)
  • Eliminated (नष्ट गरिएको, naṣṭa garieko)


  • Retained (राखिएको, rākhieko)
  • Preserved (संरक्षित गरिएको, sanrakṣit garieko)
  • Protected (सुरक्षित गरिएको, surakṣit garieko)
  • Saved (बचाएको, bachāieko)
  • Kept (राखिएको, rākhieko)

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