Awry Meaning in Nepali

Awry (adjective) – त्रुटिपूर्ण, अनियमित, अस्थिर

Nearby Words

1. Awaken (verb) – जाग्रत हुनु

2. Award (noun) – पुरस्कार

3. Aware (adjective) – जागरूक

4. Away (adverb) – दूर

5. Awesome (adjective) – भयानक

Part of Speech: Adjective

Pronunciation: uh-rahy (अव्राइ)

Awry Synonyms

1. Crooked – टेढ़ा

2. Distorted – विकृत

3. Misaligned – असंगत

4. Deviant – विचलित

5. Askew – टेढ़ा

6. Abnormal – असामान्य

Description and Origination of Awry

Awry is an adjective that means not in a straight or expected way. It originated from the Middle English word “awrye,” which means “turned or twisted to one side.” When something goes awry, it means it has gone wrong or off track. This term is commonly used to describe situations, plans, or actions that have not gone as intended or expected.


1. Straight – सीधा

2. Correct – सही

3. Aligned – संरेखित

4. Normal – सामान्य

5. Proper – उचित

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