Awns Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings of Awns:

1. अवन्स (noun)

2. अवन्स गर्नु (verb)

3. अग्रिम (adjective)

Part of Speech of Awns:

Noun, Verb, Adjective

Pronunciation of Awns:

(awns) [ôns]

Awns Synonyms:

1. Advance (अग्रिम)

2. Prepayment (पूर्व-भुक्तानी)

3. Down payment (अग्रिम भुक्तानी)

4. Deposit (जमानत)

5. Progress (प्रगति)

6. Anticipation (अपेक्षा)

Description and Origination of Awns:

Awns is a term used in financial transactions to refer to an advance payment or prepayment made before the completion of a service or delivery of goods. It is commonly used in business and contractual agreements to secure the commitment of the parties involved. Awns originated from the need to ensure financial security and trust between parties in various transactions.

Awns Antonyms:

1. Refund (फिर्ता)

2. Repayment (चुक्तानी)

3. Reimbursement (पुनर्भुक्तानी)

4. Balance (शेष)

5. Due (बाँकी)





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