Awls Meaning in Nepali

Nepali meanings of awls: आवल्सको अर्थ (āvalsako artha), आवल्सको नेपाली अर्थ (āvalsako nepālī artha), आवल्सको नेपाली अर्थहरू (āvalsako nepālī arthaharu)

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Noun: आवल्स (āvals), आवल्सहरू (āvalsaharu)

Verb: आवल्स गर्नु (āvals garnu), आवल्स गर्ने (āvals garne)

Adjective: आवल्सको (āvalsako)

Part of speech of awls:


Pronunciation of awls:


Awls synonyms:

1. Spike – शंख (śaṅkha)

2. Stiletto – स्टिलेटो (sṭileṭo)

3. Bradawl – ब्रेडौल (bredaul)

4. Bodkin – बोडकिन (bodakin)

5. Pricker – प्रिकर (prikar)

6. Pointed tool – तीर्थौला (tīrthaulā)

Description and Origination of Awls:

An awl is a small pointed tool used for making holes in materials such as leather or wood. It is typically a slender, tapered metal shaft with a sharp point at one end. Awls have been used for centuries by various cultures around the world for a wide range of purposes, including sewing, shoemaking, and woodworking. The word “awls” originated from the Old English word “awl” or “æl,” which means a pointed instrument or tool. Awls are still commonly used today in various crafts and trades.


1. Blunt – नुक्कु (nukku)

2. Dull – निस्तेज (nistēja)

3. Rounded – गोलाकार (gōlākāra)

4. Flat – तल्ला (tallā)

5. Smooth – मुलायम (mulāyama)

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