Awhile Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings: केही समयको लागि, केही समयसम्म, केही वेला, केही दिन, केही घण्टा

Nearby Words

1. Awhil (noun) – केही समय, केही दिन, केही घण्टा

2. Awhile (adverb) – केही समयको लागि, केही समयसम्म, केही वेला

3. Awheel (adverb) – पहिया चलाउँदा

4. Awheel (adjective) – पहिया चलाउँदा

5. Awheel (noun) – पहिया चलाउँदा

Part of Speech: Adverb

Pronunciation: [uh-wahyl] (अवाइल)

Awhile Synonyms

1. For a while – केही समयको लागि

2. Temporarily – अस्थायी रूपमा

3. Briefly – संक्षेपमा

4. Momentarily – क्षणिक रूपमा

5. Shortly – थोरै समयमा

6. Transiently – अस्थायी रूपमा

Description and Origination of Awhile

Awhile is an adverb that means “for a short time” or “for a brief period.” It is derived from the Middle English word “awhile,” which combines the prefix “a-” (meaning “on” or “in”) with the noun “while” (meaning “a period of time”). The term is commonly used to indicate a temporary duration or a pause in an ongoing activity.


1. Forever – सधैं

2. Permanently – स्थायी रूपमा

3. Always – सधैं

4. Eternally – सदैव

5. Endlessly – अनन्तकालसम्म

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