Awayfrom Meaning in Nepali

Nepali meanings of “awayfrom”: दूर, दूरीबाट, दूरीबाट दूर, दूर भएको, दूर भएको छ, दूर भएको छैन, दूर भएको छैन।

Nearby words:

1. Away: (adverb) दूर, दूरीमा, दूरीबाट, दूर भएको, दूर भएको छ, दूर भएको छैन।

2. Away game: (noun) बाहिरी खेल, बाहिरी खेलकुद, बाहिरी खेलमा।

3. Away team: (noun) बाहिरी टोली, बाहिरी टोलीको, बाहिरी टोलीमा।

4. Away from home: (phrase) घरबाट दूर, घरबाट दूरीमा, घरबाट दूरीबाट।

5. Away from the city: (phrase) शहरबाट दूर, शहरबाट दूरीमा, शहरबाट दूरीबाट।

Part of speech of “awayfrom”:

Awayfrom is a preposition.

Pronunciation of “awayfrom”:

(əˈweɪ frəm)

Awayfrom synonyms:

1. Apart from – बाहिर, छोडी

2. Distant from – दूरीबाट

3. Far from – दूरीबाट

4. Remote from – दूरीबाट

5. Away – दूर

6. Beyond – बाहिर

Description and Origination of “awayfrom”:

“Awayfrom” is a preposition that indicates the distance or separation between two objects or locations. It is commonly used to express the idea of being physically distant or separated from something or someone. The word originated from the combination of the words “away” and “from,” emphasizing the concept of moving or being positioned at a distance from a particular point or object.


1. Close to – नजिक

2. Near – नजिक

3. Proximate to – नजिक

4. Adjacent to – नजिक

5. Next to – नजिक

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