Away Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings:

दूर, टाढा, अलग, छोडेर, बाहिर

Part of Speech:

Away is an adverb.



Away Synonyms:

1. Far (टाढा)

2. Distant (दूर)

3. Apart (अलग)

4. Outside (बाहिर)

5. Aside (छोडेर)

Description and Origination:

The term “away” is used to indicate a distance or separation from a particular place or person. It originated from the Old English word “onweg,” which means “on the road” or “on the journey.” In Nepali, “away” can be translated into various words such as दूर, टाढा, अलग, छोडेर, and बाहिर. It is commonly used in conversations and writing to express the concept of being at a distance or apart from something or someone.


1. Near (नजिक)

2. Close (नजिक)

3. Together (संगै)

4. Here (यहाँ)

5. Present (उपस्थित)

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