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Away From Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings of “Away From”:

दूर बाट (dūra bāṭa), दूरीबाट (dūrībāṭa), दूर (dūra), दूरी (dūrī), अलग (alag)

Part of Speech of “Away From”:


Pronunciation of “Away From”:

(uh-wey fruhm)

Away From Synonyms:

1. Apart – अलग (alag)

2. Distant – दूर (dūra)

3. Far – दूर (dūra)

4. Remote – दूर (dūra)

5. Off – दूर (dūra)

6. Separated – अलग (alag)

Description and Origination of “Away From”:

“Away From” is an adverb that indicates moving or being at a distance from a particular location or object. It signifies the act of being separated or distant from something. The term originated from the combination of the words “away” and “from,” emphasizing the direction or position of being apart or distant from a specific point.

Antonyms of “Away From”:

1. Towards – तर्फ (tarpha)

2. Near – नजिक (najik)

3. Close – नजिक (najik)

4. Adjacent – नजिक (najik)

5. Proximity – नजिकता (najiktā)


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