Awash Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings: भरिएको, भरिएको, भरिएको, भरिएको, भरिएको

Nearby Words

Noun: भरिएको, भरिएको, भरिएको

Verb: भरिएको, भरिएको, भरिएको

Adjective: भरिएको, भरिएको, भरिएको

Part of Speech of Awash:


Pronunciation of Awash:


Awash Synonyms:

1. Overflowing – भरिएको

2. Flooded – भरिएको

3. Full – भरिएको

4. Brimming – भरिएको

5. Saturated – भरिएको

6. Laden – भरिएको

Description and Origination of Awash:

Awash is an adjective that describes something as being filled or overflowing with a particular substance or thing. It originated from the Middle English word “awasshen,” which means to overflow or flood. The term is commonly used to depict a situation where there is an excessive amount of something, often in a chaotic or overwhelming manner.


Empty – खाली

Vacant – खाली

Devoid – खाली

Barren – खाली

Unfilled – खाली

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