Awan Meaning in Nepali

Awan is a Nepali word that has multiple meanings. Some of the Nepali meanings of awan are:

  • Noun: आवान (āwān) – arrival, coming
  • Noun: आवान (āwān) – invitation
  • Noun: आवान (āwān) – call, summons
  • Noun: आवान (āwān) – entrance, access
  • Noun: आवान (āwān) – influx, inflow

Part of Speech of Awan

Awan is a noun in Nepali.

Pronunciation of Awan


Awan Synonyms

  • Arrival: आगमन (āgamana)
  • Invitation: निमन्त्रण (nimantraṇa)
  • Call: बोलावट (bolāvaṭ)
  • Summons: आह्वान (āhvāna)
  • Entrance: प्रवेश (praveś)
  • Influx: प्रवाह (pravāha)

Antonyms of Awan

The antonyms of awan in English and Nepali are:

  • Departure: विदाई (vidāī)
  • Rejection: अस्वीकार (asvīkāra)
  • Refusal: इनकार (inkāra)
  • Exclusion: बहिष्कार (bahiskāra)
  • Exit: निस्कनु (niskanu)

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