Awakes Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meaning: जाग्नु, उठ्नु, सक्नु, जागिरहनु

Nearby Words

1. Awake (verb): जाग्नु, उठ्नु

2. Awakening (noun): जागरण, उठाउने

3. Awakened (adjective): जागिरहेको, उठेको

4. Awaken (verb): जागाउनु, उठाउनु

5. Awakeness (noun): जागरणता, उठाउने अवस्था

Part of Speech of Awakes:

Awakes is a verb.

Pronunciation of Awakes:


Awakes Synonyms:

1. Wakes (जाग्नु)

2. Rouses (उठ्नु)

3. Stimulates (सक्नु)

4. Activates (जागिरहनु)

5. Arouses (जाग्नु)

6. Revives (जाग्नु)

Description and Origination of Awakes:

Awakes is a verb that means to stop sleeping or to become conscious after a period of sleep. It can also refer to becoming aware or alert to something. The word originated from the Middle English word “awaken,” which is derived from the Old English word “āwæcnan.” It is commonly used in various contexts to describe the act of waking up or becoming aware.


1. Sleeps (सुत्नु)

2. Slumbers (निद्रामा हुनु)

3. Dozes (झप्पी लिनु)

4. Snoozes (झप्पी लिनु)

5. Rests (आराम गर्नु)

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