Avulsions Meaning in Nepali

Avulsions नेपालीमा अर्थहरू:

  • अवुल्सन – संज्ञा
  • छेउट – संज्ञा
  • छेउट्नु – क्रिया
  • छेउट्ने – क्रियाविशेषण

Part of Speech of Avulsions: Noun

Pronunciation of Avulsions: (uh-vuhl-shuhns)

Avulsions Synonyms:

  • Tearing – फाडनु
  • Rupture – फोड़
  • Severance – छेउट्नु
  • Detachment – छेउट्नु
  • Dislodgment – छेउट्नु
  • Extraction – छेउट्नु

Description and Origination of Avulsions: Avulsions refer to the forcible tearing away or separation of a body part or structure. It can occur due to trauma, accidents, or surgical procedures. This term is commonly used in medical contexts to describe severe injuries where tissues or organs are completely detached from their normal position. Avulsions can result in significant pain, bleeding, and functional impairment. Immediate medical attention is required to treat and manage avulsions effectively.


  • Attachment – जोड
  • Connection – जोड
  • Fixation – जोड
  • Adherence – जोड
  • Union – जोड

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