Avulsion Meaning in Nepali

Avulsion को नेपाली अर्थहरू: छिटो छुट्टाको, छिटो छुट्टाउने, छिटो छुट्टाउने क्रिया, छिटो छुट्टाउने रोग, छिटो छुट्टाउने रोगको उपचार

Part of Speech of Avulsion

Avulsion is a noun.

Pronunciation of Avulsion


Avulsion Synonyms

1. Separation (छुट्टाउने)

2. Detachment (छुट्टाउने)

3. Extraction (निकाल्ने)

4. Dislodgment (छुट्टाउने)

5. Displacement (छुट्टाउने)

6. Removal (हटाउने)

Avulsion Antonyms

1. Attachment (संलग्नता)

2. Connection (सम्बन्ध)

3. Fixation (जोड़)

4. Adherence (अनुपालन)

5. Retention (राख्नु)

Description and Origination of Avulsion

Avulsion is the action of forcibly tearing away or separating a body part or structure. It can refer to the tearing away of a piece of skin, a tooth, or even a blood vessel. Avulsion can occur due to trauma, injury, or surgical procedures. The term originated from the Latin word “avulsio,” which means “to tear away.” Avulsion can cause severe pain, bleeding, and damage to the affected area. Immediate medical attention is usually required to treat avulsion injuries and prevent further complications.

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