Avows Meaning in Nepali

Avows is a verb that means to assert or declare openly and without hesitation. It is often used to express a strong affirmation or acknowledgment of something.

Nepali Meanings of Avows:

  • स्वीकार गर्नु (swīkār garnu)
  • खुलासा गर्नु (khulāsā garnu)
  • स्पष्ट रूपमा घोषणा गर्नु (spashta rūpamā ghoshaṇā garnu)

Part of Speech:

Avows is a verb.



Avows Synonyms:

  • Declare (घोषणा गर्नु)
  • Affirm (स्वीकार गर्नु)
  • Assert (दावा गर्नु)
  • Proclaim (घोषणा गर्नु)
  • State (बयान गर्नु)
  • Profess (घोषणा गर्नु)

Short Description and Origination:

Avows is a verb that originated from the Middle English word “avowen,” which means to acknowledge or confess. It is commonly used to express a strong affirmation or declaration of something.


  • Deny (अस्वीकार गर्नु)
  • Disclaim (इन्कार गर्नु)
  • Contradict (विरोध गर्नु)
  • Refute (खण्डन गर्नु)
  • Disavow (इन्कार गर्नु)

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