Avowal Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings: प्रत्याश्रय, स्वीकार, घोषणा, खुलासा

Part of Speech of Avowal:

Avowal is a noun.

Pronunciation of Avowal:


Avowal Synonyms:

Declaration (घोषणा), Assertion (दावा), Admission (स्वीकार), Affirmation (प्रत्याश्रय), Acknowledgment (मान्यता), Disclosure (खुलासा)

Description and Origination of Avowal:

Avowal refers to the act of openly declaring or acknowledging something. It is a formal statement or admission made by an individual. The term originated from the Middle English word “avowen,” which means to acknowledge or confess openly.


Denial (इनकार), Disavowal (अस्वीकार), Rejection (त्याग), Concealment (छिपाउने), Secrecy (गोप्यता)


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