Avenue Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings of Avenue:

1. मार्ग (mārga) – Noun

2. रास्ता (rāstā) – Noun

3. पथ (patha) – Noun

4. गल्ली (gallī) – Noun

5. बाटो (bāṭo) – Noun

Part of Speech of Avenue:


Pronunciation of Avenue:


Avenue Synonyms:

1. Road – मार्ग (mārga)

2. Street – रास्ता (rāstā)

3. Lane – गल्ली (gallī)

4. Path – पथ (patha)

5. Way – बाटो (bāṭo)

Description and Origination of Avenue:

An avenue refers to a wide road or path, typically lined with trees or buildings on both sides. It provides a passage for vehicles and pedestrians. The term “avenue” originated from the French word “avenir,” meaning “to come.” In urban areas, avenues are often major thoroughfares connecting different parts of the city. They are known for their aesthetic appeal and are commonly found in cities around the world.

Avenue Antonyms:

1. Dead-end – मृत्युच्छेद (mṛtyucchēda)

2. Cul-de-sac – गल्लीको अन्त (gallīko anta)

3. Impasse – गतिरोध (gatirōdha)

4. Blockage – बन्द (banda)

5. Obstruction – बाधा (bādhā)

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