Ave Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings of Ave:

1. नमस्कार (namaskār) – noun

2. स्वागत (swāgat) – noun

3. अभिवादन (abhivādan) – noun

4. शुभकामना (śubhakāmanā) – noun

5. जय जयकार (jaya jayakāra) – noun

Part of Speech of Ave:

Ave is a noun.

Pronunciation of Ave:

(āv) [pronounced as “ahv”]

Ave Synonyms:

1. Greetings – अभिवादन (abhivādan)

2. Salutation – नमस्कार (namaskār)

3. Welcome – स्वागत (swāgat)

4. Blessings – शुभकामना (śubhakāmanā)

5. Cheers – जय जयकार (jaya jayakāra)

Description and Origination of Ave:

Ave is a word commonly used to greet or welcome someone. It is derived from the Latin word “ave” which means “hail” or “be well.” In Nepali, it is used to express respect, salutation, and good wishes towards others. It is often used in formal and informal settings to acknowledge someone’s presence or to show politeness. Ave is an integral part of Nepali culture and is used in various social and religious contexts.


1. Farewell – बिदाई (bidāī)

2. Goodbye – छोड़ी (chhoṛī)

3. Departure – विदाई (vidāī)

4. Adieu – अलविदा (alavidā)

5. Parting – विच्छेद (viccheda)


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