Avatar Meaning in Nepali

Avatar नेपालीमा अर्थ (Nepali meanings of Avatar): अवतार, अवतारण, अवतारी, अवतारिता, अवतारणी

Part of Speech of Avatar: Noun

Pronunciation of Avatar: (av-uh-tahr)

Avatar Synonyms:

  • Incarnation – अवतार
  • Embodiment – अवतार
  • Manifestation – अवतार
  • Representation – अवतार
  • Personification – अवतार
  • Depiction – अवतार

Description and Origination of Avatar:

An avatar is a concept in Hinduism that refers to the incarnation or manifestation of a deity or a divine being on Earth. In Nepali, avatar is translated as “अवतार” and represents the physical embodiment of a god or goddess. Avatars are believed to descend to Earth to fulfill a specific purpose, such as restoring balance, defeating evil, or guiding humanity. The concept of avatars is deeply rooted in Hindu mythology and is often associated with the god Vishnu, who is believed to have taken numerous avatars throughout history. Avatars are revered and worshipped by devotees, and their stories and teachings are passed down through generations.


  • Disembody – अवतार नभएको
  • Immaterial – अवतार नभएको
  • Non-physical – अवतार नभएको
  • Spiritual – अवतार नभएको
  • Unmanifested – अवतार नभएको

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