Avast Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings:

1. रोक्नु (verb)

2. थाम्नु (verb)

3. बन्द गर्नु (verb)

4. रोक्ने आदेश दिनु (verb)

Part of Speech:




Avast Synonyms:

1. Stop (रोक्नु)

2. Halt (थाम्नु)

3. Cease (बन्द गर्नु)

4. Desist (रोक्ने आदेश दिनु)

5. Quit (छोड्नु)

6. Stay (बस्नु)

Description and Origination:

Avast is a verb in English that means to stop, halt, or cease. It is often used as a command to bring something to a stop. The word originated from the maritime language and is commonly associated with pirate stories and movies. In those contexts, avast is used as a command to stop or cease any action. In Nepali, avast can be translated as रोक्नु, थाम्नु, बन्द गर्नु, or रोक्ने आदेश दिनु. It is important to note that avast is not commonly used in everyday Nepali conversations, but it may be encountered in literature or specific contexts.


1. Continue (जारी राख्नु)

2. Proceed (अगाडि बढ्नु)

3. Resume (पुनः शुरू गर्नु)

4. Start (सुरु गर्नु)

5. Go (जानु)


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