Avalanches Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings: बर्फानी भारी, बर्फ ढोकालो, बर्फ ढोकालोहरू

Part of Speech of Avalanches:

Avalanches is a noun.

Pronunciation of Avalanches:


Avalanches Synonyms:

1. Snowslides – हिउँडाउने

2. Snow avalanches – हिउँडाउने

3. Snow slumps – हिउँडाउने

4. Snow slips – हिउँडाउने

5. Snow glides – हिउँडाउने

6. Snow cascades – हिउँडाउने

Description and Origination of Avalanches:

An avalanche refers to a sudden and rapid flow of snow down a mountainside. It is a natural disaster that can cause significant destruction and pose a threat to human life. Avalanches occur when a mass of snow becomes unstable and slides downhill due to various factors such as steep slopes, heavy snowfall, and disturbances like earthquakes or human activity. The impact of avalanches can be devastating, burying everything in their path under a thick layer of snow. It is crucial to be aware of avalanche-prone areas and take necessary precautions to prevent accidents and minimize the risks associated with avalanches.


1. Stability – स्थिरता

2. Security – सुरक्षा

3. Safety – सुरक्षा

4. Protection – संरक्षण

5. Assurance – आश्वासन

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