Avalanche Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings: बर्फानी बर्षण, बर्फ बर्षण, बर्फ झर्ना

Part of Speech:

Avalanche is a noun.



Avalanche Synonyms:

1. Snowslide – हिउँडाउने बर्फ

2. Landslide – भूस्खलन

3. Snowstorm – हिउँडाउने तूफान

4. Snowfall – हिउँडाउने बर्फबारी

5. Snowdrift – हिउँडाउने बर्फको ढुंगा

6. Snow cascade – हिउँडाउने बर्फको झरना

Description and Origination of Avalanche:

An avalanche refers to a sudden and rapid flow of snow down a mountainside. It is a natural disaster that can cause significant damage and pose a threat to human life. Avalanches are typically triggered by factors such as heavy snowfall, steep slopes, and disturbances like earthquakes or human activity. The word “avalanche” originated from the French word “avalanche,” which means “falling snow.” It entered the English language in the early 18th century.


1. Stability – स्थिरता

2. Security – सुरक्षा

3. Safety – सुरक्षा

4. Calmness – शान्ति

5. Peace – शान्ति

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