Availability Meaning in Nepali

Availability, उपलब्धता, (noun)

Part of Speech of Availability


Pronunciation of Availability


Availability Synonyms

1. Accessibility – पहुँचयोग्यता

2. Presence – उपस्थिति

3. Attainability – प्राप्यता

4. Obtainability – प्राप्त्यता

5. Existence – अस्तित्व

6. Reachability – पुग्ने योग्यता

Availability Antonyms

1. Unavailability – अप्राप्यता

2. Absence – अनुपस्थिति

3. Inaccessibility – पहुँचयोग्यताभरिएको

4. Nonexistence – अस्तित्वहीनता

5. Unattainability – प्राप्यताभरिएको

Description and Origination of Availability

Availability refers to the state of being accessible, obtainable, or present. It signifies the quality or condition of being available or easily accessible. In the context of resources, products, or services, availability indicates their readiness and ability to be used or obtained. The term originated from the Latin word “availabilitas,” which means “capability of being of use.”

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