avail oneself of

Avail Oneself Of Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings:

उपयोग गर्नुहोस्, लाभ उठाउनुहोस्, उपयोग लिनुहोस्

Nearby Words:

1. Avail (verb) – लाभ उठाउनु

2. Oneself (pronoun) – आफ्नै आत्मा

3. Meaning (noun) – अर्थ

4. Nepali (adjective) – नेपाली

Part of Speech: Verb phrase

Pronunciation: (uh-veyl wuhn-self uhv)

Avail Oneself Of Synonyms:

1. Utilize – उपयोग गर्नु

2. Take advantage of – लाभ उठाउनु

3. Make use of – उपयोग गर्नु

4. Exploit – शोषण गर्नु

5. Harness – उपयोग गर्नु

Description and Origination:

Avail oneself of is a verb phrase that means to make use of or take advantage of something. It originated from the combination of the word “avail,” which means to be of use or benefit, and the reflexive pronoun “oneself,” indicating the action is done by the person for their own benefit. This phrase emphasizes the act of utilizing an opportunity or resource for personal gain or advantage.


1. Forgo – त्याग गर्नु

2. Reject – अस्वीकार गर्नु

3. Abstain – त्याग गर्नु

4. Refuse – मनाउनु

5. Disregard – अवहेलना गर्नु

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