Autumn Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings of Autumn:

शरद (noun), शिशिर (noun), शित (noun), शितकाल (noun)

Part of Speech of Autumn:


Pronunciation of Autumn:


Autumn Synonyms:

1. Fall (गिरीबार)

2. Harvest (फसल)

3. Season of mists (कुहिरोको मौसम)

4. Indian summer (भारतीय ग्रीष्म ऋतु)

5. Leaf fall (पातको झर्ना)

6. Foliage season (पातको मौसम)

Description and Origination of Autumn:

Autumn, also known as fall, is the season that marks the transition from summer to winter. It is characterized by cooler temperatures, shorter days, and the shedding of leaves from trees. In Nepali, autumn is referred to as “शरद” (sharad), “शिशिर” (shishir), “शित” (shit), or “शितकाल” (shitkaal). It is a time of harvest and preparation for the colder months ahead. The word “autumn” originated from the Latin word “autumnus” and has been used to describe this season since the 16th century.

Antonyms of Autumn:

1. Spring (वसन्त)

2. Summer (ग्रीष्म)

3. Winter (हिउँ)

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