Autotype Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meaning: आटोटाइपको अर्थ

Autotype (noun): आटोटाइप, आटोप्रकाशन

Pronunciation: aw-toh-tahyp (ऑटोटाइप)

Autotype Synonyms: reproduction, copy, replica, duplicate, facsimile, imitation (प्रतिलिपि, प्रतिरूप, नकल, अनुकरण)

Definition of Autotype

Autotype refers to the process of reproducing an image or text by mechanical means, typically through the use of photography or printing techniques. It is a noun and falls under the category of autotypography.

Origination of Autotype

The term “autotype” originated from the combination of the Greek words “auto” meaning self and “typos” meaning impression. Autotype was first introduced in the mid-19th century as a photographic and printing process.

Antonyms of Autotype

Original, genuine, authentic (मूल, वास्तविक, प्रामाणिक)


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