Autogamy Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings: स्वयंजीवन, आत्मजीवन, स्वयंजीवन विधि, आत्मजीवन विधि

Part of Speech:

Autogamy is a noun.



Autogamy Synonyms:

1. Self-fertilization – स्वयंबीजन

2. Self-pollination – स्वयंप्रजनन

3. Self-fecundation – स्वयंउपजीवन

4. Self-fertilizing – स्वयंबीजन गर्ने

5. Self-breeding – स्वयंप्रजनन

6. Self-fertilized – स्वयंबीजित

Description and Origination of Autogamy:

Autogamy is the process of self-fertilization or self-pollination in plants, where the pollen from the same flower or plant is used to fertilize the ovules. This process ensures reproduction without the need for external pollinators. Autogamy is commonly observed in certain plant species, such as tomatoes and peas. It allows plants to reproduce even in the absence of pollinators or in unfavorable environmental conditions. Autogamy plays a crucial role in maintaining genetic diversity within plant populations. The term “autogamy” originated from the Greek words “auto” meaning self and “gamos” meaning marriage.


1. Cross-fertilization – पारसंचरण

2. Cross-pollination – पारसंचरण

3. Outcrossing – बाह्य पारसंचरण

4. Allogamy – अन्यजीवन

5. Xenogamy – परजीवन


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