Autocrats Meaning in Nepali

Autocrats शब्दको नेपाली अर्थहरू:

1. एकक्रान्ती (noun)

2. अधिपति (noun)

3. निरंकुश शासक (noun)

4. अधिपतित्व (noun)

5. अधिपतित्वकारी (adjective)

Part of Speech of Autocrats: Noun

Pronunciation of Autocrats: (aw-tuh-krats)

Autocrats Synonyms:

1. Dictators (अधिपतिहरू)

2. Tyrants (निरंकुश शासकहरू)

3. Despots (अत्याचारीहरू)

4. Authoritarians (अधिकारवादीहरू)

5. Totalitarians (सम्पूर्णतावादीहरू)

6. Rulers (शासकहरू)

Description and Origination of Autocrats:

Autocrats are individuals who hold absolute power and authority over a country or organization. They exercise unrestricted control and often suppress opposition or dissent. Autocrats can be dictators, tyrants, or despots who rule with an iron fist, disregarding the rights and freedoms of the people they govern. The term “autocrat” originated from the Greek words “auto” meaning self and “kratos” meaning power. Autocrats have existed throughout history, with notable examples including Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Kim Jong-un.

Antonyms of Autocrats:

1. Democrats (लोकतान्त्रिकहरू)

2. Egalitarians (समानतावादीहरू)

3. Liberals (उदारवादीहरू)

4. Humanitarians (मानवीयतावादीहरू)

5. Reformers (सुधारकहरू)

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