Autobus Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings:

अटोबस्, बस, यातायात गाडी

Part of Speech:




Autobus Synonyms:

1. Bus – बस

2. Coach – कोच

3. Transit – यातायात

4. Vehicle – गाडी

5. Transport – यातायात

Description and Origination of Autobus:

An autobus, also known as a bus or a yatayat gadi in Nepali, is a large motor vehicle designed to carry passengers. It is a common mode of public transportation used for commuting within cities and towns. Autobuses are equipped with seating for multiple passengers and often have standing room as well. They are operated by professional drivers and follow predetermined routes and schedules. The term “autobus” originated from the combination of the words “auto” (meaning self) and “bus” (meaning a large vehicle for transporting people). Autobuses play a crucial role in providing affordable and convenient transportation options for the general public.


Car – गाडी

Motorcycle – मोटरसाइकल


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