Autobiographies Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings:

आत्मकथा (noun)

आत्मजीवनी (noun)

आत्मचरित्र (noun)

आत्मवृत्तान्त (noun)

Part of Speech:




Autobiographies Synonyms:

1. Memoirs – आत्मकथा (noun)

2. Life Stories – आत्मजीवनी (noun)

3. Personal Narratives – आत्मचरित्र (noun)

4. Self-Histories – आत्मवृत्तान्त (noun)

5. Autograms – आत्मकथा (noun)

6. Self-Biographies – आत्मजीवनी (noun)

Description and Origination of Autobiographies:

An autobiography is a written account of a person’s life, written by that person themselves. It provides a detailed and personal insight into the author’s experiences, thoughts, and emotions. Autobiographies are often used to share personal stories, document historical events, or provide inspiration to others. They can be a valuable source of information and entertainment, allowing readers to gain a deeper understanding of the author’s life and perspective. Autobiographies have been written by individuals from various backgrounds and professions, including politicians, celebrities, and ordinary people. They originated as a literary genre in the late 18th century and have since become a popular form of storytelling.


1. Fiction – कथाकथन (noun)

2. Imaginary – काल्पनिक (adjective)

3. Fable – नैतिक कथा (noun)

4. Myth – मिथ्या (noun)

5. Fantasy – काल्पनिक कथा (noun)


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