Autobiographer Meaning in Nepali

Autobiographer is a noun that refers to a person who writes their own life story. In Nepali, it can be translated as:

Autobiographer: आत्मकथाकार (ātmakathākār)

Nearby Words

1. Autobiography (noun) – आत्मकथा (ātmakathā)

2. Autobiographical (adjective) – आत्मकथात्मक (ātmakathātmak)

3. Autobiographically (adverb) – आत्मकथात्मक रूपमा (ātmakathātmak rūpamā)

4. Autobiographies (plural noun) – आत्मकथाहरू (ātmakathāharū)

5. Autobiographist (noun) – आत्मकथाकार (ātmakathākār)

Part of Speech: Noun

Pronunciation: aw-toh-bahy-og-ruh-fer

Autobiographer Synonyms:

1. Memoirist – आत्मकथाकार (ātmakathākār)

2. Chronicler – इतिहासकार (itihāskār)

3. Biographer – जीवनीकार (jīvanīkār)

4. Historian – इतिहासविद् (itihāsavid)

5. Writer – लेखक (lekhak)

6. Author – लेखक (lekhak)

Description and Origination of Autobiographer

An autobiographer is someone who writes their own life story. They provide a firsthand account of their experiences, thoughts, and emotions. Autobiographies have been written for centuries, with notable examples including “The Confessions” by Saint Augustine and “The Diary of a Young Girl” by Anne Frank. Autobiographers play a crucial role in preserving personal histories and providing insights into different time periods and cultures.


Unfortunately, there are no direct antonyms for the term “autobiographer” in English or Nepali.

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