Autobahn Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings: आटोबाहन, आटोबाह्न

Autobahn Nearby Words

Noun: आटोबाहन, आटोबाह्न

Verb: आटोबाहन गर्नु

Adjective: आटोबाहनको

Part of Speech of Autobahn


Pronunciation of Autobahn


Autobahn Synonyms

1. Highway – सडक

2. Expressway – एक्सप्रेसवे

3. Freeway – फ्रीवे

4. Motorway – मोटरवे

5. Thoroughfare – राजमार्ग

Autobahn Antonyms

1. Side road – बाटो

2. Local road – स्थानिय बाटो

3. Street – गली

4. Alley – गल्ली

5. Lane – राम्रो

Description and Origination of Autobahn

The Autobahn, meaning “highway” in Nepali, is a network of controlled-access highways in Germany. It is known for its high speed limits and efficient transportation system. The Autobahn was first conceptualized in the 1920s and construction began in the 1930s under the leadership of Adolf Hitler. It was designed to provide a fast and reliable road network for both civilian and military use. Today, the Autobahn spans over thousands of kilometers and is an integral part of Germany’s transportation infrastructure.





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