Auto Meaning in Nepali: अटो, स्वत: चालक गाडी, स्वत: चालक यान

Nearby Words:

Noun: अटोमोबाइल, गाडी, यान, चालक यान

Adjective: स्वत: चालक, स्वत: चालक गाडी

Part of Speech:




Auto Synonyms:

car (गाडी), vehicle (यान), automobile (अटोमोबाइल), motorcar (मोटरकार), machine (यन्त्र)

Description: Auto is a noun in Nepali that refers to a self-propelled vehicle. It can also be used as an adjective to describe a self-propelled car. The term “auto” originated from the Greek word “autos,” meaning self. In Nepali, it is commonly used to refer to cars or any self-driven vehicles.


pedestrian (पैदल), non-motorized (गैर-मोटरयुक्त)

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