Auto-suggestion Meaning in Nepali

Auto-suggestion, आटो-सुझाव, is a psychological technique that involves influencing one’s own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors through self-suggestion. It is a process of self-hypnosis where individuals use positive affirmations or mental imagery to reprogram their subconscious mind.

Nearby Words

  • Autoimmune (adjective) – आटोइम्युन
  • Autonomous (adjective) – स्वायत्त
  • Autobiography (noun) – आत्मकथा
  • Autograph (noun) – हस्ताक्षर
  • Autopsy (noun) – शवपरीक्षा

Part of Speech: Auto-suggestion is a noun.

Pronunciation: Auto-suggestion (aw-toh-suhg-jes-chuhn)

Auto-suggestion Synonyms

  • Self-suggestion – आत्म-सुझाव
  • Positive affirmation – सकारात्मक संवेदना
  • Self-hypnosis – आत्म-सम्मोहन
  • Mental programming – मानसिक कार्यक्रमण
  • Thought control – विचार नियंत्रण
  • Mind conditioning – मनस्थिति बदलाउने

Description and Origination

Auto-suggestion is a powerful technique that was popularized by French psychologist Émile Coué in the early 20th century. Coué believed that individuals could improve their well-being by repeating positive affirmations to themselves. This technique gained popularity as a self-help tool and has been used in various fields, including personal development, sports psychology, and therapy.


  • Self-doubt – आत्मसंदेह
  • Negative thinking – नकारात्मक सोच
  • Disbelief – अविश्वास
  • Resistance – प्रतिरोध
  • Skepticism – संदेहवाद

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