auto motive

Auto Motive Meaning in Nepali

Auto motive, आटोमोटिभ, आटोमोटिभको अर्थ, आटोमोटिभको नेपाली अर्थ

Nearby Words

1. Automobile (Noun) – आटोमोबाइल

2. Automation (Noun) – स्वचालन

3. Autonomy (Noun) – स्वायत्तता

4. Autocrat (Noun) – स्वतंत्रवादी

5. Autograph (Noun) – हस्ताक्षर

Part of Speech

Auto motive is a noun.


(aw-toh moh-tiv)

Auto Motive Synonyms

1. Vehicle – गाडी

2. Car – गाडी

3. Automobile – आटोमोबाइल

4. Machine – मेशिन

5. Motor – मोटर

Auto motive refers to a vehicle or car. It is a noun in the Nepali language. The term can be pronounced as “aw-toh moh-tiv.” Some synonyms of auto motive in English are vehicle, car, automobile, machine, and motor, which can be translated to Nepali as गाडी, आटोमोबाइल, मेशिन, and मोटर respectively. Auto motive is an essential part of transportation and plays a significant role in daily life. To explore more about the term, you can refer to,, or

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