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Auto Mobile Meaning in Nepali

Auto mobile, आटोमोबाइल, आटो गाडी, आटो, गाडी (noun)

Part of Speech of Auto Mobile


Pronunciation of Auto Mobile


Auto Mobile Synonyms

1. Car – गाडी

2. Vehicle – यान

3. Automobile – आटोमोबाइल

4. Motorcar – मोटरकार

5. Machine – मेशिन

6. Transport – यातायात

Description and Origination of Auto Mobile

An auto mobile, also known as a car or vehicle, is a motorized machine used for transportation. It is a common mode of transportation in modern society and has revolutionized the way people travel. The term “auto mobile” originated from the combination of the Greek word “autos” meaning self and the Latin word “mobilis” meaning movable. The invention of the auto mobile is attributed to Karl Benz, who built the first practical automobile in 1885. Since then, auto mobiles have evolved significantly, with various advancements in technology and design.


1. Pedestrian – पैदल

2. Bicycle – साइकल

3. Motorcycle – मोटरसाइकल

4. Public transportation – सार्वजनिक यातायात

5. Walking – हिँड्ने

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