auto mechanic

Auto Mechanic Meaning in Nepali

An auto mechanic, also known as a car mechanic or automobile technician, is a skilled professional who repairs and maintains vehicles. In Nepali, an auto mechanic can be referred to as:

  • आटो मेकानिक (noun)
  • गाडी मर्मतकर्ता (noun)
  • गाडी संशोधनकर्ता (noun)
  • गाडी तामिर गर्ने (noun)

Part of Speech

The part of speech for “auto mechanic” is a noun.


The pronunciation of “auto mechanic” is [aw-toh muh-kan-ik].

Auto Mechanic Synonyms

  • Car mechanic – गाडी मेकानिक (noun)
  • Automobile technician – गाडी प्राविधिक (noun)
  • Vehicle repairer – यान तामिर गर्ने (noun)
  • Car technician – गाडी प्राविधिक (noun)
  • Auto repair specialist – आटो मर्मत विशेषज्ञ (noun)

Description and Origination

An auto mechanic is a professional who specializes in repairing and maintaining vehicles. They have expertise in diagnosing and fixing mechanical issues, performing regular maintenance tasks, and ensuring the overall functionality of automobiles. Auto mechanics play a crucial role in keeping vehicles safe and in optimal condition. The profession of auto mechanics originated with the invention of automobiles and has evolved with advancements in automotive technology.


Antonyms for “auto mechanic” include:

  • Car owner – गाडी मालिक (noun)
  • Driver – चालक (noun)
  • Passenger – यात्री (noun)

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