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Auto Mate Meaning in Nepali: आटो मेट, स्वत: संचालित गर्ने यन्त्र, स्वत: संचालित गर्ने यन्त्रको एक भाग, स्वत: संचालित गर्ने यन्त्रको एक भाग

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Noun: आटोमोबाइल, आटोमोबाइल चालक, आटोमोबाइल चालक, आटोमोबाइल चालक, आटोमोबाइल चालक

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Auto Mate Synonyms:

1. Automatic device – स्वत: संचालित यन्त्र

2. Self-acting mechanism – स्वत: कार्यरत यन्त्र

3. Automated system – स्वत: संचालित प्रणाली

4. Mechanical device – यान्त्रिक यन्त्र

5. Robotic component – रोबोटिक अंग

Description and Origination:

Auto Mate is a noun that refers to an automatic device or a part of a self-operating mechanism. It is commonly used in the context of automobiles and other mechanical systems. The term originated from the combination of “auto,” meaning self, and “mate,” meaning a component or part. Auto Mate is an essential element in modern technology, enabling the automation of various processes and tasks.


1. Manual device – म्यानुअल यन्त्र

2. Non-automated system – गैर-स्वत: संचालित प्रणाली

3. Human-operated mechanism – मानव-संचालित यन्त्र

4. Non-mechanical component – गैर-यान्त्रिक अंग

5. Non-robotic device – गैर-रोबोटिक यन्त्र

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