Author’s Meaning in Nepali

The word “author’s” in Nepali can have several meanings, including: लेखकको (lekhhakko), लेखकका (lekhhakka), लेखककी (lekhhakki), लेखकको (lekhhakko), लेखकको (lekhhakko).

Nearby Words

  • Noun: लेखक (lekhhak) – author
  • Noun: लेखन (lekhan) – writing
  • Noun: लेख (lekh) – article
  • Noun: कथाकार (kathakar) – storyteller
  • Noun: रचनाकार (rachanakar) – writer

Part of Speech

Author’s is a noun.



Author’s Synonyms

  • Writer – लेखक (lekhhak)
  • Novelist – उपन्यासकार (upanyasakar)
  • Wordsmith – शब्दकार (shabdakar)
  • Scribe – लेखक (lekhhak)
  • Wordslinger – शब्दबाजी (shabdbaji)
  • Wordsmith – शब्दकार (shabdakar)

Description and Origination of Author’s

The term “author’s” refers to someone who writes or creates a literary work. It can be used to describe the person responsible for the creation of a book, article, or any written content. The word originated from the Latin word “auctor,” which means “originator” or “promoter.” Authors play a crucial role in shaping literature and sharing their ideas with the world.


  • Reader – पाठक (pathak)
  • Audience – श्रोता (shrota)
  • Listener – श्रोता (shrota)
  • Viewer – दर्शक (darshak)
  • Observer – दर्शक (darshak)

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