Authors Meaning in Nepali: लेखक, लेखाकार, लेखाने व्यक्ति

Nearby Words:

Noun: Writer (लेखक), Novelist (नाटककार), Poet (कवि), Playwright (नाटककार), Journalist (पत्रकार)

Verb: Write (लेख्नु), Compose (रचना गर्नु), Create (सिर्जना गर्नु), Draft (ड्राफ्ट बनाउनु), Pen (लेख्नु)

Part of Speech:




Authors Synonyms:

Writer (लेखक), Novelist (नाटककार), Poet (कवि), Playwright (नाटककार), Journalist (पत्रकार)

Description and Origination of Authors:

Authors are individuals who write or create literary works such as books, novels, poems, plays, or articles. They are skilled in expressing their thoughts and ideas through written words. Authors play a significant role in shaping literature and contributing to the cultural and intellectual development of a society. The term “authors” originated from the Latin word “auctor,” which means “originator” or “creator.”


Reader (पाठक), Audience (श्रोता), Spectator (दर्शक), Listener (सुनुवार), Viewer (हेर्ने)

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