authorized capital

Authorized Capital Meaning in Nepali

Authorized capital, प्राधिकृत भण्डार, अधिकृत भण्डार, अधिकृत निधि, अधिकृत पूँजी, अधिकृत धन (noun)

Part of Speech: Noun

Pronunciation: (aw-thuh-rahyzd kap-i-tl)

Authorized Capital Synonyms:

  1. Registered Capital – दर्ता गरिएको पूँजी
  2. Share Capital – शेयर पूँजी
  3. Stated Capital – घोषित पूँजी
  4. Nominal Capital – नाममात्र पूँजी
  5. Equity Capital – इक्विटी पूँजी
  6. Authorized Stock – प्राधिकृत शेयर

Authorized capital refers to the maximum amount of capital that a company is legally allowed to raise by issuing shares. It represents the total value of shares that a company can offer to investors. In Nepal, authorized capital is known as प्राधिकृत भण्डार, अधिकृत भण्डार, अधिकृत निधि, अधिकृत पूँजी, or अधिकृत धन. It is an essential concept in corporate finance and plays a crucial role in determining a company’s financial capacity and potential for growth.

Origination of Authorized Capital:

The concept of authorized capital originated from the need to regulate and control the capital structure of companies. It ensures that companies do not raise excessive capital without proper authorization and oversight. By setting a limit on the authorized capital, regulatory authorities can monitor and manage the financial activities of companies effectively.


  1. Unauthorized Capital – अनधिकृत भण्डार
  2. Illegal Capital – गैरकानुनी भण्डार
  3. Unregistered Capital – दर्ता नभएको भण्डार
  4. Unapproved Capital – मान्यता प्राप्त नभएको भण्डार
  5. Unauthorized Stock – अनधिकृत शेयर

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