Authoritativeness Meaning in Nepali: अधिकारिता, प्राधिकारिता, अधिकारवानता, अधिकारशीलता

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Noun: Authority (अधिकार), Power (शक्ति), Control (नियन्त्रण), Dominance (प्रभुत्व), Command (आदेश)

Adjective: Authoritative (अधिकारिक), Powerful (शक्तिशाली), Dominant (प्रभुत्वकारी), Commanding (आदेशकारी), Controlling (नियन्त्रणकारी)

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Authoritativeness Synonyms:

1. Power, शक्ति

2. Control, नियन्त्रण

3. Dominance, प्रभुत्व

4. Command, आदेश

5. Influence, प्रभाव

6. Supremacy, अधिपत्य

Description and Origination:

Authoritativeness refers to the quality of being authoritative or having the power and control to influence or command others. It is derived from the word “authority” and is commonly used to describe someone or something that is recognized as having expertise, knowledge, or official power in a particular field or domain. In Nepali, authoritativeness is translated as अधिकारिता, प्राधिकारिता, अधिकारवानता, अधिकारशीलता. It is an important concept in various aspects of life, including leadership, governance, and decision-making.


1. Submissiveness, अधीनता

2. Weakness, कमजोरी

3. Ineffectiveness, अप्रभाविता

4. Powerlessness, शक्तिहीनता

5. Insignificance, अनुपयोगिता

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